#9 Schoolhouse Lane Rentals - UNH Off Campus Apartments Durham, NH - Luxury Furnished Downtown Apartments
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#21 Schoolhouse Lane Rentals - UNH Off Campus Apartments Durham, NH - Luxury Furnished Downtown Apartments
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Schoolhouse UNH Rentals - UNH Off Campus Apartments Durham, NH - Luxury Furnished Downtown Apartments
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Schoolhouse UNH Rentals - UNH Off Campus Apartments Durham, NH - Luxury Furnished Downtown Apartments

♦ 21 Schoolhouse Lane - Frequently Asked Questions ♦

What is the monthly rent?
Monthly rents are stated in advertisements, if you did not see the ad click here to contact us for rates. Unless otherwise indicated, all rents are per-person.
What's included in the monthly rent?
All the following major utility services are included in the monthly rent:
  • Heat (forced hot water based heating system with modern baseboards)
  • Water (hot and cold)
  • High-Definition digital satellite service (Includes all premium stations available - HBO's, Cinemax's, Showtime's, Starz's, etc)
  • High-speed broadband wireless Internet service
  • Propane (for gas cooking stove)
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Sewer
Tenants are responsible only for the following monthly utility:
  • Electric - typically runs ~$10-$20 each person depending on usage(due to gas stoves, new appliances & all LED lighting)
    (per parental input we've left this smallest utility as an opportunity for students to build credit history and monthly bill paying responsibility)
How does living here compare to other "luxury" offerings in the area? What's "unique"?
If you've done your homework, you know there is a few other "luxury" offerings in the downtown area where you can also walk to campus and enjoy modern contruction. What make us truly unique are all the following amenities that only we offer:
  • Location: In the historical district, right across the street from the charming 1649 Three Chimneys Inn and the gorgeous town landing to ocean where settlers originally found home in ongoing ships!
  • Privacy: The best feature of our location and so hard to find in the downtown area.
  • Parking: Plenty of off-street, even for your scooters and bikes, and yes it's free! Visitors can also park for free legally on the sides of Schoolhouse Lane.
  • Furnishings: Leather couches, 42" flat-panel HDTV's, Desks & Chairs, and much more listed in our items furnished lists. All you need is your bed!
  • Services: Only the best media services! No basic cable or regular speed internet like others "include", enjoy Dish HD Premium Satellite & Comcast Blast high speed Internet with multiple wireless points
  • Spacious lawns: Room to lay out or play lawn games
  • Sundecks: Complete with patio furniture, overlooking Dunkin Donuts & Holiday Inn Express at the Main St. intersection
  • Security: Being set back from the major intersection, we have virtually no foot traffic or commotion...ask about our track record that sets us apart!
  • Quiet: Less noise from vehicles and people makes it much easier to relax or study with the windows open
  • Supplies: Our unique laundry room in the lower level contains the most common supplies our tenants need, like bulbs, batteries, tools, vacuums, cleanings supplies and more, saving trips to the store
If comparing to other downtown offerings, be careful to note these amenities. We are confident that you will then see what we mean by a unique living experience!
Do you charge extra for parking? How much space is there?
No. There is plenty of off-street parking space for your car, as well as a scooter or bicycle! There is also plenty of on-street parking available for visitors in a non-metered area!
How long does the lease run?
The lease durations are based on the UNH class schedule. Unless there is an unexpected vacancy, all leases are for 1 year and run June 1st to end of May. All existing tenants are given the opportunity to renew their leases indefinitely, provided compliance with the lease terms.
I've heard nightmares about security deposit losses at the big offerings nearby, how are you different?
We frequently hear all the stories when tenants come to us too, and be assured - we don't play games with your deposit! Following are some of the most important things to remember:
  • No-smoking of any type. Even candles over the course of a lease can significantly change the color of bright clean walls and ceilings.
  • No-pets of any kind. We strive to provide a clean environment especially for those with allergies and other sensitivies.
  • Carefully review our short lease to make sure you are familiar with the other important items.
Can I sublet during the summer months if I am away?
Only if approved by landlord. Most tenants use the summer months to work part time in the area, get a jump on upcoming classes, or visit occasionally and relax.

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